Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Employee

This is where I was since 2011, Medik-Link Sales & Services Sdn.Bhd. and this is the first time I get to do administrative work during the process. 3 months was enough for me, I was being chided and of course in order to enter the accepted job offer like promotion but I didn't. I knew the environment and time for now is not for me. I went back for my Degree instead which I have completed in the later of 2013.

And so two years later, I finally got called to work in this company called N.B Motors and their pay is good but you have to work extra one day. As said they still based the salary on my qualification which is Diploma, I would want to get a higher pay once I actually get to photostat my Degree certificate in near future. And of course it'll better be worth more than RM2000 above based on promotion.

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