Friday, June 14, 2013

The Joblister

Currently, I'm trying to get some part-time jobs and here is a few listing of works I'm doing.

  • Local Restaurant Surveyor
  • Apparels Promoter
  • Secret Sanctuary's Promoter
  • BCCK's Usher

Focus on getting many jobs to earn back my iPad Mini which was soaked in water by mistake which I will NEVER do it anymore. Hmmph, it's ok I am proving myself with all my efforts I can earn extra pockets and the tablet back.

And there are a few PC games I would like to purchase...

  • Watch Dogs
  • Battlefield 4

SO! For the moment to come, I'm doing all this while training up my team I appoint into which is Macam Yes Tapi Bukan (MytB) which compromises three of my old comrades in the past few DotA tournaments. I feel like 820 because I am the sole Sarawakian with the most considerate power to professional teams network and scrimmage. Don't underestimate me, I am a guy who could form up strong players anytime but the community is weak for now.

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