Thursday, September 11, 2014

Game Politics

I never wanted to voice it out but this is the reality of competitive sports or certain E-Sports. As a competitive ex-gamer from the past to DotA 1 and Dota 2 with some console event participations, I feel that the top players that are not closely related to me is very less of a professional type. Most of the ruthless ones may have skills but no quality in teamplay games but solo , ego , selfish resides.

Game politics is where it's bred from unjust organizers no matter it be individual or a group or also from cyber cafes. I have experienced this for many years (up to 6 years to be exact) before retiring but with several achievements AGAINST their own organizer's team or even maybe their own political purpose to win and prepare early for their own events.

There are a few factors that lead to their wins and mostly it is due to this term "game politics". We often heard of "office politics" and others this is why people jump from other better jobs to apply so as competitive gaming? We tend to retire and do normal jobs because they bring unhappiness to the gamers community no matter it be online or offline event.

The classic definition to game politic to me is "an act of unjust activity in terms of organizing a game event or competition which they will certainly win No. 1 or No. 2 by right" as you can judge and feel, ALWAYS believe your instinct and just move on like ME. I have been disappointed with most of them organizers. The only one I respected most is the one's who retired in organizing and is in my friend network. I won't list who they are but many have fallen because they know the players and their standard, attitude are not reachable to the international scene.

A majority part of the gamers base can't control their own ego , selfishness and I won't state any racism towards it. Let the eyes be the judge for their personality and standard. I may had a little bit of all these but it my respond to this unjust community nevertheless. Sometimes, I would say a lot of mama boys and unappreciative kids are PRO at their gaming due to their pathetic spending of money towards any games. They DO NOT earn like a normal job , career person and this made them in the group of childish and irresponsible humans. I won't even think they achieve any gaming achievements until they can leverage themselves in between professionalism of gaming and also standard of procedure as a human who can earn and play. None in Sarawak or entirely Malaysia can reach this height. But I COULD tell you that 15%~20% of the decent and pro gamers that are good individuals and citizen of Malaysia have been blessed or checked by me, be it online or being game friends to career workers.

And again, I emphasize that "Game Politics" in large is a despicable act made by many individuals or even cyber cafes that do not even have true passion in E-Sports. They wanted MONEY only to be honest. But they never thought that reaching higher levels, you can earn as much as usual than being "KIASUNESS" mode in organizing and even playing in both modes. That's so wrong. I will never respect organizers that just made it for the benefit of their own team or BIAS towards the gaming crowd. Due to the above reasons, I tried to be the whistle blower so that makes me lack the mood to play MOBA games like I used to be. I could really put effort into it but the problem I see in many country is they lack what their idols or pro gamers are having.

Politics to me is a very pathetic term if applied to most of the jobs and stuff. Why is there politics? I tell you why.

Firstly, it is because the office , game politics or even sports are mostly losers as a human. I mean really, why they are losers? They are afraid of newborn workers , gamers or sports individual that can exceed them in companies , events or whatsoever in short times or many personal reasons. This is why this group of human will forever exist to win but in their heart, they are losers. I am pleased to see why my haters from many "low-class" community wants to criticize me when they were the true worthless ones.

Secondly, they can't afford to lose which is why many rules and policies are made in all the above is to stop the freshmen from excelling faster in whatever they like to do and earn. But it's ok, freshmen will prevail if they are good.

Thirdly, they can be very good at the jobs and games they play but they just can't accept themselves losing to new , unexpected or pro uprising workers and gamers. Be it organizers who even organize and even play at the same event, unfair by right? Do the heck they know how much people does not accept that? 

Funny thing is all of these politic terms have never create positive energy and mindset. My advise to you as former competitive MOBA player is, just ignore or move on with better games or relaxing things to do because it was slowly becoming BAD in Malaysia entirely. May time bid this politics go to ashes or to the minimum.

I for all, wanted a community that respects pros or even noobs but in a way they need to know their own integrity. I can read minds, I don't think I am not capable but YES. So what I have written will help you face this world. There's always LAW and ORDER, never be afraid to stop those haters or unjust people in your life.

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