Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mirian Dota 2

A big clap to the rise of Miri Dota 2 players in Dota 2 Sarawak scene! They have achieved a great history by landing the hit against a full-team roster with their reformed and young players. As their in-help manager online, I have brought them several online tournaments suggested and they have harness the power to edged out all the top teams in Sarawak and able to compete with pros in West Malaysia too.

The story comes like this. I was just back from my half days work. Took my time with a 5K MMR player, chatting and seeing how the scene is like. Then I spectated team Sky Garden from Miri who is my friend and ally who have seek me for managerial position. I did nevertheless as an ex competitive DotA player. They were having a LAN competition where you can view online from any place!

This screenshot was a game versus Gizmo. They have finally won this game for I feel that the Miri players are showing what they deserved of. Their achievements , their players and time for the game spent together. This is not confirmed information whether it is semi finals or finals but truly, the player has led to many Top 1 to Top 3 records in the past. They deserved this feat.

The showcase of this game goes to Tiny from Sky Garden. Whipping out lashes against the opponent. Truly remarkable, Mirian Dota 2 players. I have once stated in Facebook that the rise of Mirian gamers, proven in this in-game scoreboard. They have molded their way through hard times and showed that Sarawak has a new and closely professional team in the field.

This tournament was said to be held somewhere in an old shopping mall of Sarawak as to date 27/9/2014 and I hope they can do their best again in other events.

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