Saturday, March 28, 2015

GosuCup Hearthstone SEA 2015

Announcing GosuCup SEA Hearthstone 2015, now with bigger prize pool and Blizzcon points

GosuGamers is happy to announce that the hugely successful GosuCup SEA series will make its return this April. In cooperation with Blizzard, the tournament will have not only an increased prize pool, but also award valuable World Championship points.

We started the GosuCup SEA initiative in November last year with plans to support the South-East Asian scene on a grass roots level. Over the course of four months, we held 16 tournaments, mixing “regular” and “budget” formats to give everyone with love for Hearthstone a chance to make a name for himself. Every Saturday, hundreds of enthusiast flocked to GosuCup SEA, representing not only themselves, but also their country. National rivalries but also sound friendships were created as the circuit marched towards its grand conclusion.
In late February, we collected the 32 best players in the region and after a long day of spirited card slinging we crowned Aki “AkiSera” Sera as the grand champion of the 2014 circuit. Since then, our inboxes received multiple emails with the same question: “Will there be more?”
As a matter of fact there will be. Much more. Announcing the GosuCup SEA Hearthstone 2015 circuit.

We're back, and bigger!

The 2015 season of GosuCup SEA is the continuation of the hugely successful GosuCup SEA 2014 circuit, designed to support the local scene on a grassroots level. In its new season, GosuCup SEA will be tightly connected with the 2015 World Championship campaign, awarding not only prize money but valuable World Championship points as well. The tournament will be covered on, the portal that will also contain all relevant information about the circuit.
Every Saturday, players from the SEA region – including Indonesia, India, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam – will be free to sign up and compete in one of the 16 open tournaments, spanning between April and July. Compared to the previous season, however, the stakes are now higher:

  • $500 in prize money for each cup, which is a five-fold increase compared to 2014. This purse will be split $300 / $100 / $50 for first, second and third/fourth
  • World Championship points will be awarded to the best players as follows:

  • 1st place: 20 points
  • 2nd place: 10 points
  • 3rd/4th place: 5 points
  • 5-16th place: 1 point

  • Modified “Conquest” format will be used in all cups. Players can have one deck per class and upon winning a game, the class will be locked for the remainder of the series

GosuCup SEA 2015  is officially sanctioned and partnered with Blizzard Entertainment Southeast Asia. The series provides more World Championship points especially for SEA players. Prove the strength of the region – sign up, compete and earn your spot in the global finals!

Mark your calendars – GosuCup SEA 2015 is coming soon!

The first GosuCup SEA will be held on April 4th, starting at 14:00 SGT and registrations for it will open one week before that, on March 27th. The initial maximum number of players will be set to 256. However, we’re prepared to increase that maximum should the interest in the tournament be higher.
A new cup will follow every Saturday at 14:00 SGT. Registrations for each cup will open on the Monday before the event at 07:00 SGT.

Also, on a second note, I am your Click-Storm's Hall of Fame Top 4 Hearthstone player. Raking up so many points out of 110 players. Basically, I own myself an Armaggeddon Nuke 7 gaming earphone which is pretty much a blast! Also, being the Sarawakian with the power to wrestle with West Malaysians. I do hope to have some local team mates that's as strong enough to play this epic Warcraft card game together. I shall do whatever it takes to emerge as champion!

That concludes my winning records for now! Thank you to Armaggeddon Singapore , Click-Storm for this worthy gift. 

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