Friday, March 13, 2015

Top 6 Hearthstone SEA and Armaggeddon let you show your magic skills and bring to you an exciting, new format: SEA League of Talented Mages.

Get amazing rewards and win epic Hearthsotne loot just for playing Hearthstone with your friends in offline and online tournaments on

Moreover, we'll help you to earn points for Hearthstone World Championship! Top 4 players of each tournament will get Hearthstone Cup Points.

 Online, SEA
  •     27 Feb, online, 20-00, NEW SEA Online #1: video top 4
  •     6 Mar, online, 20-00
  •     14 Mar, online, 20-00
  •     20 Mar, online, 20-00


At the 27th February, I clinched Top 6 out of 52 participants which isn't an easy run. But it was great winning a fake AMAZ nicknamed user from Singapore and also a good win against aKiSera, the current leading champion player in Malaysia. It proofs that ranks doesn't really matter. Only timing , strategies , deck counters and mindset would lead me this far.

It was my first and foremost best result ever concerning so many SEA players are into play. Excluding the Top 32 finishes from 128 participants back at one of the GosuCup seasons. Back to topic, I lost only to an Indonesian pro called Kev and he was praising me for my aggressive Hunter deck execution. It was a very close game to me! Despite lacking many legendary cards, I am able to put a good fight with them.

The rest of the event, I did not have a good run but at least beaten one or two players especially GosuCup event and also ZOTAC cup which will be held this coming Sunday again! There are news that the earlier stated would have new series coming up again for Hearthstone players in SEA.

I'm ready to join as many in order to put my battle experience into play! Do not mess with my mixed decks as I studied them from time to time to make the best out of it. Just some hype in my article here.

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