Thursday, March 6, 2008

RollsRoyce a.k.a sniperzreborn CabalSEA

It began the hardcore days once again for RollsRoyce a.k.a sniperzreborn... the will in games played in pure and fair quality since Year 2004 ... :) Needless to say? Show your patience and determination in CabalSEA then! Another one out of 50++ MMORPGS i have yet made some history.

Currently, i have created a LV1 Force Blader in Mercury Server of CabalSEA but putting it idled until i feel like playing it.

So, i'll be stating on my currently LV40++ Warrior in Venus Server of CabalSEA which is a great feat so far as the highest level are around LV50++ and it's somewhere in between.

Straight to the point,
I'll show you my 3 days journey in CabalSEA through hardcore... (Yes, i usually focus on a favourite game before i quit in least 1-3 months hardcoring)

Go for it! CabalSEA's exploration!

Click on the photo to enlarge my CabalSEA's screenshot.
If you ever meet me in-game, do say hello! =) I have supported a few new players and friends in equipments and cash. So be grateful!

Starting off as a freshman of CabalSEA... It's easy for me as you know i'm a MMORPGer. ^^"

Dungeon quest which you'll do from LV1 till LV50 and over...

Finally, once you reach LV20, you'll get the aura mode. You can choose from 5 elements > Lightning,Earth,Thunder,Fire,Ice if not mistaken.

Through hardcoring long enough, i wore the LV20s over armor and in that time i became a regular ranked Warrior.

Taking off my armors and playing PVP. Currently owning though =\!

Partying with's community and of course a few RO friends that has met me. Example: ShadowDance from ERO Prontera/PK Server

You'll get to wear these armors once you reach the requirements of at least a STR 160+ INT 20+ DEX 60+. My guild's are sponsored by my millions of cash donated by me and other Lowyat members. So the total amount of 10 millions is achieved to create our glorious guild. And there our guild made history in Venus at Channel 8,9 usually for playing.

Before ending this latest blog entry of a great feat of being nearing the top of the Venus Server in CabalSEA. Feel my warrior's aura that's beginning to be the strength and vitality similiar to 300 Spartan in honor!

NOTE: It's just my 3rd day in CabalSEA of Venus Server.

Now, that's all for my part of the warrior in CabalSEA's journey.

The more you enjoyed my updates, the more you'll know who i am in the MMORPG world. Tataz and have fun grinding.

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AMG Youth said...

Actually, there are 6 choices of aura mode ( you forgot Wind ).

Btw, wah you so hardcore, just took 3days to pump until lvl 40s..

See yea in game. ^^