Sunday, March 16, 2008

CabalSEA's Open Beta Journey

NOTE : LV80 Cap in CabalSEA's Open Beta are the max level you can only achieved at the moment. You can compare it's hardcoreness with MMORPGs like Perfect World & Mo Siang. In future, CabalSEA's max level cap would increase to about 90 or 110. That's to wait for the website itself to announce! Click the photos below and enjoy.

As you can see, HeavenWrath guild was co-founded by me and a few like ZimCyx,xXBiBiXx, FallenAngel and our great leader NeNdo. Only so far two max level are in guild, me and my leader. We'll bring good wars in within Venus Server!

At Fort Ruina, enjoying the scenery of fort! XD!

My usual Down Breaker skill activated for cool pose!

Astral Lancing anyone? Behold my warrior's astral weapon!

Finally, a blink of light from my buff to announce my achievements in CabalSEA Open Beta so far!

That's all for my entry for CabalSEA for this period.

To view the screenshots, enlarge by clicking the CabalSEA's photo uploaded above!


tiDus88 said...

woah? swinburne people? wad is ur name? lol...

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