Monday, March 24, 2008

CabalSEA Undead Grounds

It was quite an interesting journey to travel to a new land named Undead Grounds! Usually a place for LV80+ players above and since CabalSEA Open Beta has raised the cap of the max level LV80 recently,we can level up as usual again! Heard that the max cap level was raised to LV100 based on CabalSEA sources . A good deal while enjoying CabalSEA of course! CabalSEA's Cash Shop was also opened recently where A-Cash item mall users can buy and get some nifty stuffs like increasing ur skills experience and such. Oh! Back to the point, my journey to Undead Ground was rather cool. =3 The fight against swarms of undead minions and undead spell casters! Ooohh!


Idled o.o!

Ghost Blader+ is a challenging mobs for you to whack!

Spin them Topsy-turvy style!

Taken a funny pose after the A.Master's skill Terra Break... Yes! The damage is very amazing!

Dancing along with Lihorn Zombies charging at me. =\ Please. Don't try this when CabalSEA-ing!

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