Tuesday, March 17, 2009

DRS Forum Event : Name It Round 2 Champion

Dota Replay Sharing Section Event

Theme : Name it


- Every one can join in this event
- No double posting
- No editing
- All question will be Answerable by players name


- Simple tell the names asked by the given question
- Click the "Download" so that you can view the replay
- Download the replay then view the name of the players
- Posting of question will be random time
- Follow the given rules


First Place - 2000 exp
Second Place - 1500 exp
Third Place - 1000 exp

Participants : How to get the Prize?

Participants can get the prize if they got the top score or points of the week.
Only top 3 High points in the week can get the prize.

Point System

1st person got the correct answer - 3 point

2nd person got the correct answer - 2 point

3rd person got the correct answer - 1 point

First Place


[DoP]RollsRoyce will be rewarded 2000 exp !

Just some Garena Forum Event Achievements... Stay tune for more stuff!

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