Saturday, March 14, 2009

Quake Live @ Playthrough with [DoP]RollsRoyce

Quake Live which is in the previous stages known as Quake Zero has been announced in the year of 2007. Using browser-based applications to be compare with it's predecessor Quake 3 Arena, it is basically one of the easygoing games after downloading around 200MB's file and enjoying your game through Firefox and IE. Quake Live is currently at it's Open Beta phase and may go for Full Release! Malaysians were able to play this game somehow at the moment but heavy lags can happen in packed servers, so often choose the less packed server to at least get a feel of Quake Live!

Quake Live lets you set your character model and settings before going for the REAL GAME!

Firstly, you will be entered to the Tutorial to pit against Crash who will be you tutor and opponent after the guidance throughout the game basics. She's a pretty much formidable opponent as you fight her 1 on 1 ! Make sure to pack enough armors and weaponry to beat the tutorial level!

For my first playthrough, I've never expected that the AI gets more aggressive and picks powerups more then usual. Still a quite over than the half against the AIs.

Spectating games are easy! You just click the server and press PLAY! Load and either you

As you see from this scoreboard, I've still managed to score some frags but thanks to the usual Malaysian line at the moment... We're having a pretty intensive fight just through the massive lags! It's fun but make sure to find a less crowded server to play. Crowded or packed servers with 16 player may make you unable to play and all you do in-game is stand and be frag-ed!

Umm... Gauntlets made for the browser FPS is niceeee!

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