Sunday, March 1, 2009

McD & Suu-paawanpaku

Friends Heng, James & Vui and Jame's girlfriend ordering McD!

My Double Cheeseburger.... Ummmhh if you smell what the McD is cooking?!


Do you smoke french fries...?

Backed up french fries being ordered the second round!

UBS Bookstore has opened in Swinburne! It sells accounting books, stationaries , soft toys and look what I've found! A red Suu-paawanpaku!!! But I bought a black one which is famous and I'm the new owner of it!

Rawrrr... RM15.90 with 10% student's discount. Erh That's RM14.90

Pop the Suu-paawanpaku anywhere you like! It's a soft toy with a sticking pad. Oofff!!!

[DoP]RollsRoyce has just acquired Suu-paawanpaku!

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