Wednesday, December 30, 2009

RollsRoyce aka RoyceZz

It has been a while back in the competitive gaming of DotA and ventures of online game till the end of the year 2009. I'll be setting up a new profile to let it be recorded within my blog entry. And I have started to build up tournament experiences since 2008 until now. So here goes!

Full Name:
Billy Chin

Age: 20

Living City: Kuching, Sarawak

Date Of Birth: 22-04-1989

Year(s) of Experience in DotA: 3.5 year

Ex-teams: GR , Cz.RB , OMG , P2P , R7

Role in the team: Semi-Carry , Supporter , Ganker

Favorite Hero: Lich , Crystal Maiden , Axe , Rogue Knight , Warlock

Favorite Team: Kingsurf , MYM , Cybertime

Favorite Player: Ct-Mushi , Ks-Yamateh , MYM-Kuroky , cD.SanSheng , FTD.2009

Favorite Food: Steam Chicken Rice , Unagi , Beef Bacon

Favorite Drink: Ice Lemon Tea

Favorite Books: World Of Warcraft

Favorite Movies: Bleach

Favorite Band: Linkin Park

Favorite Singer: Wang Lee Hom

Favorite Actor: Jay Chou

Favourite Activities: Eating , Anime gathering , Watching cinemas , Online-gaming

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