Friday, December 11, 2009

Storm Warriors

Ekin Cheng and Aaron Kwok is reprising their roles as Wind and Cloud respectively in the comic-adapted "The Storm Warriors", the sequel to the ever popular "The Storm Riders" 11 years ago. Evil Japanese warlord, Lord Godless (Simon Yam) is intent on conquering China. In an effort to succeed, he imprisons all of the Chinese martial artists and attempts to make them subjugate. Amongst the prisoners are Cloud (Aaron Kwok) and the martial arts elder statesman, Nameless (Kenny Ho). Thankfully, Wind (Ekin Cheng) comes to the rescue, but all three are badly wounded during the battle to escape. Chu Chu (Tang Yan) also shows up and takes a direct strike from Lord Godless when she jumps in to save Cloud. The remaining martial artists sacrifice their lives to save the trio as they believe they are the only hope to beat Lord Godless and save the country.

RoyceZz's Rating

Storyline : 4/10
The movie lacks much story telling concept and focus way too much on actions and CGI effects which kinda covers up what is actually told in the comic book series. More plot should be revised if to make a better movie in my opinion like where the Japanese Invasion arc was straight to the point where Wind and Cloud was captured alongside their people. What should be foretold should be how the heck did Lord Godless capture them? At midnight? That's the thing about the movie plothole and lesser dialogues were presented.

Effects : 8/10
The CGIs used in this movie is more comparable than of the 300 movie in the past. Sword and magical skills that Wind and Cloud possess has been shown with remarkable 3D special effects that look so real that it looks so devastating towards opponents like Lord Godless.

Sounds : 7/10
The voice acting was overall fine and there's not much to complain except less conversations between the heroes and heroines in the movie.

Theme : 7.5/10
Battle scenes with Lord Godless , Wind and so on are done pretty well. You can see satisfying martial arts blended within the fights.

Overall : 6/10
Could have been better with more added storyline content and to hope Storm Warriors III will have a better comeback sequel with the most anticipated villain
Duen Long.

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