Thursday, August 11, 2011

MGTD Sarawak Qualifiers 2011

Due to player request, there will be a 1 vs 1 showmatch in MGTD Sarawak Qualifiers. Chan "Winter" Litt-Binn of Malaysia Dota Hideout will be up against Billy "Royce" Chin, a community specialist of Sarawak!! STAY TUNED!!

Exactly as announced at MSI Malaysia Fanclub, I will be competing against WinteR for gaining experience while putting as much pressure as a solo mid laner game. It's a showcase match so expect it to be a fun or serious game combined! I am also actually a community specialist as said due to my contribution and exposure to open up Sarawak state as one of the areas accomodating good teams such as Gizmo Mix , Rush 2 Gaming , Mars , Xclusive , FtC , V.Ghost and a few more!

My team Xclusive.Gaming in the tournament progress as follows:-

Xclusive WINS Ks.ThiRsTy [ Group Stage ]

Xclusive WINS xX [ Quarter Finals ]

Xclusive LOSE Mars Gaming [ Semi Finals ]

We reached semi finals before losing but can do better if we again fix our roles and important things that our carry should bring out during high level team games. Lack of training was part of the factor because we're committed to studies and daily life stuffs. But all's best! Watch as I play for Xclusive.Gaming more until I'm getting ready to enter a stronger team next time. That best match I had was the quarter finals battling a team with highly experienced roster. Losing to Mars could only mean not much of a difference but to understand the opponent better as their training efforts outwit us a lot. I hope to face the team I wanted to fight with and that's Rush 2 or Gizmo Gaming.

Based on my judgement towards this Mars Cyber Zone qualifier, there are around 6 teams that are either solid or potential-built that joined it. Whereas the Gizmo Gamers qualifier as of conclusion had a rather easier bracket as only 2 teams in between are really good in my opinion and my previous team Djan.Recruit with new players didn't fare well in this competition so I counted them out.

This concluded the overall two qualifiers held in MSI Sarawak 2011 for the very first time and also a big thanks for Malaysia DotA Hideout with WinteR , Mushi and HanasH.

Team Xclusive.Gaming

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