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Ragnarok Malaysia Singapore Championship 2011

Ragnarok Malaysia Singapore Championship 2011
◆Rules & Regulation◆

A. Tournament Process.

(1) The setting for match server of Ragnarok Malaysia Singapore Championship will be ‘Episode 12 Version’.

(2) A team should be composed of 7 members.At least 5 members have to ready to start the match. But the opponent team will be started with 7 members.

(3) The mode of the match is the siege mode (WoE).

(4) Up to semi-finals, 7 minutes will be given for each match including the Final match. Players will have 5 minutes to enter and connect to the server, 7 minutes to play the match, and 3 minutes to change their character setting during each interval between matches.For the 3rd & 4th and the final match will be progressed 10 minutes.

(5) Each team can choose 7 accounts out of 13 accounts. (Each account will be provided 1 kind of 2nd transcendent class characters. In other words, duplication of the same job is not allowed.) During the tournament, the team can freely change their combination of characters.
Players can change their characters before each match and each round. However, if players cannot complete the character setting change within allotted time for preparation, they might begin a match without their characters fully ready.Players are not allowed to change their characters after entering the battle ground. (2011rwc_01~08 map).

(6) The tournament rule follows the rules of guild war tournament.

(7) The tournament server is held on ‘2011 RWC Match Server’.

(8) Up to semi-finalsand 3rd & 4th placing match, players require to win 2 matches out of 3, in order to participate in the next match. At Final, the winner of 3 matches out of 5 wins the tournament.

(9) Players can purchase all items from NPCs in the RWC Server. Please refer to the [Item List] for information.

(10) Battleground is a map exclusively made for RWC.

(11) Once the match is started, players cannot use the NPC to reset their skills and status.
Player cannot use skills and status reset NPC after the advance preparation time for character setting which is few day before the match day.

(12) All characters should be completely set with their skills and status before the match begins. If not, players will get a warning. And if they do not change their status after the warning, they will be disqualified.
Ex) If Clown/Gypsy character used Marionette_Control skill to set a certain character’s status after the match started without setting the character’s status points, it is considered as an offending. So the player will be disqualified.

(13) If undeclared incident happens during tournament, players must follow the Referee’s instruction.
If players do not follow Referee’s instruction, it can be a reason for warning or disqualification.

B. Match Rules

(1) The players should be instructed to enter the tournament site by the Referee. The participant who violates the instruction should leave the site and will not be able to join again.

(2) The game will be started when the referee announces the start of the game after checking the number of the participants.

(3) The team leaders should check whether their team members are in the partyand guildor not, and the team is responsible for any disadvantages caused from not checking the party status. Also, if there is any player who is not in the party of corresponding team, he/she has to leave the game immediately, and if found after the match ends, the team will lose the match.
Emperiums should be purchased by only the given zeny. The Guild Master and the Party Leader do not need to be the same person, but should join every match.

(4) Players who entered the battle ground before the match begins are not allowed to use hiding skills such as Hiding, Cloaking. In the case of ignoring this rule, 1st, the player will get a warning, 2nd, the player will be disqualified, and 3rd, the team will lose the match.

(5) When players have abnormal game crashes or problems with connections before entering battle ground, they should raise their hands to notify the problem to the Host and re-connect. Before the match begins, the match can be delayed for the maximum of 3 minutes until the player re-connects. But once the match begins, players who cannot run the game normally by problems such as abnormal terminations or errors, will be considered as withdrawn from the game and the match will go on. Also, the players are prohibited to use any NPCafter he/she success to re-connect.
The match can be postponed until the problem is fixed even if it takes longer than 3 minutes, only if the problem is caused by server errors. If the problem is caused by ‘Player’s Offense’ or ‘Non-operational reason’, the user will be dismissed.
Abnormal terminations and errors include all the situations such as PCproblem, abnormality of client, unpredicted disconnection of server, bugs in the game when the match is already begun (that is, other users already began to fight), and all the other cases except for the user’s intend. In these kinds of case, withdrawal is the basic judgment. However, alternative can be applied when local manager approves the rematch or something else, depending on the local situation.

(6) If characters Hp reaches 0, they will be moved to each designated point.
If characters become unable to fight, they are automatically moved to Izlude. Survivors from each match are moved to match-waiting room or Izlude according to NPC control or rematch requests.

(7) In a tie-break round, 6 classes, excluding Priest class, will rematch. If the round is still a tie, the team which has the first dead players of the round will lose the tie-break round.
However, if no player is killed and each team maintains 6 players, the tie-break roundwill continue until one of the team wins the match.
Though High Priest doesn’t exist in a team, the match will be 6 vs 6. Each guild will be responsible for selecting which character should be excluded from the team.

(8) Players cannot change their characters until the match is over.
That means, once players enter the battle ground, they can change their character only after a team wins the matches. Players can change their characters after a single match, but as mentioned above, there is no specially allotted time for changing character. If a party leader needs to change some characters between the matches, he/she should inform the refereeand recompose the party.

(9) To learn skills by using Stalker’s Intimidate skill, players should master the skill before they enter the battle ground. If they need to learn the skill again in the middle of the matches, they should finish within the time limit for using NPC or shops. Be sure to use Stalker’s Preserve skill effectively.

(10) Players are not allowed to use abnormal programs. Players should connect with proper client provided. If any offending case is detected, the team will get be warned and the user needs to terminate the program immediately. Also, if they do not follow this instruction, corresponding user will be disqualified.

(11) The participant teams should prepare and bring their guild emblem to use when creating their guild. It is obligatory to use the guild emblem and unless the emblem is prepared, they must prepare and apply them while the contest is being prepared. If they don’t have their emblem even when the contest starts (not in the case that the emblems are prepared but not displayed normally, but in one that they are not prepared within the registration time), it will be considered that they abandon the game and if a emblem has too much space so that it is hard to recognize, the participants must modify it. If they do not comply with decisions from referee, it is considered that they abandon it.

C. Character Set-up

(1) Players must use the pre- generated characters in 2011 RWC Server.
13 accounts which have each class will be provided. Players can choose any characters which they want. However, they cannot exchange their characters once they enter the battle zone.

(2) Players will fight with 7 transcendent classes.

(3) The job class ‘Sniper’, ‘High Priest’, ‘High Wizard’ and “Champion” will be given Lv. 85 and rest of the classes Lv. 90, and all of them will be given Job Lv. 60.

(4) The first Job Lv. of all job classes is 50 and second Job Lv. is 60. In other words, the characters will be configured as they had the second job change at Job Lv. 50.
* Total skill points of 108 (fist job skill points 49 and second job skill points 59), will be given to the characters with allbasic skills Lv. 10.

(5) Players can choose all transcendent 2nd classes. But, duplication of job is not allowed.

(6) Character names will be ‘RMSC[NUMBER]_[Job name abbreviation]’.
[ ] will not be included.
[NUMBER] stands for team number. It will be determined by drawing lots.

(7) 10 million zeny will be given to each character.

D. Decision Rules and Disqualification Guides

(1) The team who eliminated the opponent within 7 minutes or has more players at the end wins the game. (Up to semi-finals, 7 minutes per match and 10 minutes for the final)

(2) If each team has the same number of players until the end of a match, the game will be a tie. Then the teams will have a tie-break round to decide winner.

(3) If the team leader withdraws from the game, the opponent team will win the match.

(4) Players should only use party chat during a match. A player who makes a public chat will be warned for the first time, second time he/she regarded as dead (disqualified).

(5) A player who leaves his/her party during a match will be considered as a dropout and will be instructed to quit his/her game immediately.

(6) Players who disturbs the progress of the tournament such as using the cloaking or tunnel drive skill to enter the battle ground, spamming skills, abusing the magic skills and so on), will have their team warned. If the team gets total of 2 warnings, they will lose the match.

E. Remarks

(1) Players can buy items from NPC with their zeny given.Some items (Poison_Bottle, Acid_Bottle, Bottle_Grenade) can be purchased only once. Not all the items are listed by NPC. (For more information, refer to the item list section.)

(2) Weapons and armors can be only upgraded up to the chance of breaking weapons and armors are 0%. (Armors can be upgraded up to Lv. 4; Lv.1 Weapons can be upgraded up to Lv. 7; Lv. 2 Weapons can be upgraded up to Lv. 6; Lv. 3 Weapons can be upgraded up to Lv. 5; and Lv. 4 Weapons can be upgraded up to Lv. 4)

(3) Using Vending Skills, Item dropping and trading with players are prohibited in 2011 RWC server.


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rocrew maya said...

Selamat pagi semua, diharapkan pada harini kita dapat mempromosikan server ragnarok masing-masing, lagi banyak lagi best. Jangan lepaskan peluang terbaik ini , promote seberapa banyak server dimalaysia, mahupun server anda sendiri yang anda mahukan hanya kat page ni, terima kasih kerana sudi menyokong page ini ya ;-D

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