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The International

One million dollars. The biggest prize pool of any e-sport event to date. Concluding the pre-event coverage, GosuGamers brings you a summary of the contenders, the pretenders and the challengers. With Dota 2 being a whole new game, nothing is for sure, except that the DotA world is about to be changed forever.

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Arguably the top team in European DotA as of right now, with a perfect record of 5 wins in their last 5 games, all against other top-tier European teams, they will surely be a force to be reckoned with.

Natus Vincere

In a constant battle with MYM over the title of best in Europe, Na`Vi is yet another team to look out for. With the leadership of captain ArtStyle, reknowned for his ingenuity and uncanny ability to pick, ex-DTS boys LightOfHeaven and Dendi's immense experience at LAN competitions and add into the mix Estonian mastermind Puppey, Na`Vi is yet another team to look out for.

Moscow 5

Another one of the top European teams, many wondered if it was the end of an era when DTS disbanded, but NS and company have bounced back with a string of magnificent performances, both at LAN and online. Consistency used to be an issue, resulting in polarising performances. But slowly but surely, their performances are steadily back on the ascent, so do not count them out of the running for the one million dollar bounty up for grabs.

Next Evolution

The second all-Danish team in the competition, many consider them as second fiddle to MYM. However, with no lack of talent and certainly eagerness to improve, one might be in for a surprise come the 17th of August.

OK Nirvana International

Consistent performances at the highest level prove that they are not one to be underestimated. Regarded by many as a tier 2 European team, behind the likes of MYM and Na`Vi, one can not rule out their chances. With the experienced head of Fear at its helm, and with established players such and Pajkatt and Lacoste, together with new blood in the form of 1437 and Universe, they could be the surprise package to look out for.


The GosuGamers home team will of course be ready to fight at Gamescom. With the recent roster changes, the team has been in a rather slump in results. But the latest blogs by Kebap and KuroKy have shown that a new fire has been lit up in them and they will not go down without a fight.


Called up as last minute replacements to chinese team LGD, many question if they are ready to take the step up. With less time as compared to other teams to practice, only time will tell if they have familiarised themselves adequately and put in a strong showing for French pride.


Considered by many as one of the underdogs team in the huge list of attendees, the Malaysian team has not been seen in many international tournaments, in fact, after the conclusion of ADC, the team was not seen at all in the international scene. But the skill of the players cannot be doubted, evident in the strong showing they have had in local tournaments. Tipped by nevo's Ryze to be a team which is to be feared, they could possibly stage one of the greatest upsets in the Dota scene.

Scythe Gaming

This Scythe team that reformed for Gamescom can be considered as the strongest possible combination of Singaporean teams. Both hyhy and Tofu were a part of the team that won ESWC08, it may seem a long time ago, but the experience and insights they gained at such a prestigious LAN tournament will surely play a role. During the hybird days of Scythe, Roy and Koy showed why they were considered to be one of the best support duos around. Now, with Koy inactive, roy is undoubtably more than capable to carry the mantle of being Scythe's best support player. Chawy and xy-, reknowned carries in the South East Asian will surely not let the team down, and farm for that one-million dollars.

Mineski Infinity

With humble beginnings, the sole representative for the Philippines at Gamescom are Mineski Infinity, more well known as team HappyFeet. Starting out as a semi-professional team with no sponsors, they have surely come a long way and now stand a chance of winning a whooping one million dollars. How about that for incentive. Rumours are that carry player Julz plays a sick Shadow Fiend, something to look out for.


Not much is known about the Thailand team - or Thailand DotA for that matter - considering that the only competitive glimpse fans have was during ADC early this year and LAN competitions like SMM and WDC last year. Nevertheless, Thailand has shown that it has been able to compete with other countries by pulling off incredible victories against Yamateh's Nirvana.MY (with a classic "Batrider-Shadowfiend" standoff) and even against eventual champions Nirvana.CN at last year's World DotA Championships. MitH-Trust, led by Roccat-Trust's very own Tnk, have been seen playing in APDL these past few months - add to that a couple of tight victories against regional pros and an intensive bootcamp regime before Gamescom and they now stand as a strong competitor for that one million dollar prize money.


Vietnamese powerhouse StarsBoba is a top tier team in South East Asia, able to compete with the likes of Scythe and former Nirvana.MY. SoSo.On is reknowned for his exceptional solo mid ability and the Vietnamese are extremely stable as a team. Will their hardwork and perserverence finally pay off in the battle for the million dollars?


TyLoo, a relatively young team, albeit with tons of experience under their belt, courtesy of the extremely happening chinese scene. The darkhorses of 2011, few expected them to achieve the success that they have achieved, especially with the lack of a star player in the team. However, they have shown that through practice and diligence, teamwork and cooperation, established names can be toppled. Look out for their trademark team coordination, if they are able to successfully port it over to Dota 2.


The most dominant team of 2010 have yet to make a mark this year, with poor showings in regional and national competitions. With so much money on the line, and with the bitter taste of disapointment fresh in their mouths, their training regime will definitely be one of the toughest. Touted as the best support player to come out of China, 820, the captain of the team will have huge pressure riding on his shoulders to lead the team to the heights they reached in 2010. Can the reformed EHOME dominate the second half of the year? Find out soon!

Invictus Gaming

Recently taken over for a enormous sum of 6 million dollars, CCM was renamed Invictus Gaming. Touted by many as one of the top teams in China at the moment, they are surely major contenders for the one million dollars. Captain Zhou has shown remarkable farming skill, second to none in DotA 1, and this trait of his will surely be carried over to Dota 2. 430, nicknamed 'The pianist' is also another one to look out for, with stunning Invoker play, it remains to be seen what he is capable of in Dota 2. Overall one of the favourites to take home to prized bounty.

OK Nirvana China

Champions of WDC and RGC, this established organisation has yet to reach the heights of yester-year. Roster changes might have a big role in causing their slump, with them being a huge part of the first Great Chinese Reshuffle. This reformed Nv.Cn team have seen themselves fall behind the likes of iG and TyLoo for the top spot in the chinese scene. However, in contrast to the predictable and stable farm chinese carries are able to achieve, results are extremely unpredictable, and on a good day, OK Nirvana China are able to beat any team. Come 17th of August, we will see.

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