Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Black Monday

Why Black Monday? It is actually a sign of Malaysia's democracy falling ill ever since the year of 1969 which is experienced by all the modern generations of young adults and old people. Election frauds were the main cause of the opposition's downfall and there is a need to protest, reunite and to topple the corrupted regime which we all known of in Malaysia.

Whose behind all this? Why? Definitely the government itself which is now weaker have to explain this. Over 13 millions of voter and exactly 51% voters went for Pakatan Rakyat but just of fewer seats than compared to Barisan National's 46% voters with more seats? Do they actually know how to calculate the actual winner?

By right, this is not the fault of Sarawakians or Sabahan... It is also considering the West Malaysia's rural places that still vote for the same government for over five decades and had never changed their mindset and understanding of politic moves yet.

Is there anyway to help? You could be the future in the case there is formation in PRU14 election. Or before that, there will be miracles where this weakened government will face the truth due to their racism statements , hatred among certain races and not uniting and having a secured safety country for the citizens.

Black Monday for democracy in Malaysia happened at 6th of May, 2013. It will mark the people's unity and how they understand politic movements in the country nationwide.

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Qhiz Nurailiz said...

Black monday gone. Now hot tuesday.