Thursday, May 30, 2013

DotaBeyond's First Blood Tournament

As DotaBeyond is growing significantly, we felt the need to contribute to the Dota 2 scene in SEA with our very own tournament!

We could not wait to announce our very first tournament so we have already opened registrations for teams to sign up!

The tournament will be held on the 1st/2nd of June and 8/9 June 2013.
Currently, our prize pool includes 60 treasure keys in total for the in-game Dota 2 store and USD175 worth of Steam Wallet, sponsored by the guys over at e-Club Malaysia! DotaBeyond is currently in talks with a number of organizations regarding prize sponsorship and will increase the prizepool.

We are expecting 64 teams in total competing in the league, and we are in discussion with Valve to provide us with a DotaTV ticket bundled with a courier that we are developing so viewers may buy the tournament ticket and watch it in game.

Casters for the tournament will include our very own casters:
Kae Liu aka Kae, he has been casting matches from many tournaments such as Littany League, DotaTalk Gold Cup, Gosucup Asia III & IV, OGM Dota 2 SEA Open, Noxious Gaming Dota 2 Open, Armageddon Singapore, NLGS Oceania and etc.

Nguyễn Phương Khánh Tùng aka Madcatz and he too has casted many tournaments from Littany League to DotaCinema’s Smoke of Defeat EU/NA to Myanmar Armaggedon Grand Slam Qualifier and more.

More information on the tournament here:

Currently, there will be at least 3 tournaments I will be joining under team ToT (Team of Throwers) which was a name suggested by me. As I have mentioned earlier, I am spicing up my blog with my Dota 2 ventures and trying to go as far on the top 8's of the entire SEA region if possible or the least a stable Top 10 because my teams are all amateurs and we have more lives than professional teams I guess? Heck cares well...

DotaBeyond's First Blood Tournament , Dota 2 The Bounties and The Rampage DotA 2 Tournament will be participated and attended by Royce.

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