Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ubah 505 Sarawak

This is sourced from Facebook's Ubah 505 Sarawak fanpage. Are you going for the finale? I might have a 50 - 50 chance of going there to join and unite... Of course it's going to be hot and crowded but we are there for a purpose. To change the current weak and foul government who have done less and more corruption in the regime. Pakatan Rakyat or known as PR deserved a 5 years to govern Malaysia? Why not just give that the mandate to serve? They can get very good income and I am pretty sure they can change to be a better Malaysia for all!

Barisan National on the other hand has governed for 55~56 years and has not give good promises to the citizens of Malaysia. Tunku Abdul Rahman was toppled during a crisis event and it turned out that from my research, the 2nd Prime Minister of Malaysia is up to no good during the old days based on the true facts of history.

I believed Tunku Abdul Rahman and the ones who are sacrificed in Malaysia for politic reasons will be avenged. Corruption is the main deal and I am sure the world is eyeing on us for now. Let's do the best to vote against the illegal immigrants as sourced from websites and real-time events... Vote out against phantom voters as well!


- Royce

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