Sunday, May 26, 2013

G-1 Champions League Season 5

We have witnessed incredible upsets as well as exciting games this weekend. From Invictus Gaming's fall from being undefeatable, to the Western team of Alliance showing that China is not the only nation that can play DotA. Today is the third and final day of the tournament, the last three matches which will decide who the best team in the world is today.

G-1 Champions League began its fifth season with hundreds of teams from around the world. Eventually it was whittled down to six of the world's best. Those six teams were even invited to VALVE's very own, The International 3 in Seattle, Washington. This weekend they went head to head in spectacular fashion and today the final four will play for a chance at the $40,200 first place prize.

Will Alliance be able to maintain their perfect record? Or will an on-fire LGD China be able to overcome the Swedes in order to bring glory to their nation. Stay tuned and find out!

Source : Flash E-Sports

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