Monday, January 5, 2015

BR1M 2015

Well, hello guys! It's 2015. Been a while I have blogged actively from 2007 until late 2011. But once in a while, you can surf back and see something special for you and everyone out there. So, first post of this year would be regarding BR1M. A sponsored funding to be paid for Malaysia citizens to get that "extra money" in hand if you are eligible.

Likewise, I am waiting for my very own RM350! I have once received the BR1M Cash Voucher worth RM250 which is meant to be spent at Popular , Sky book stores. I was able to get several cook books , headphones and etc. So what have you gotten with? This is different.

I am competing for this RM350 as it is different from the past cash voucher RM250 worth for college and university students. I have registered anyway so it is almost time for distribution by one weeks plus from now on.


How would you spend it? I have many ideas for those who received RM350 regarding using it and also saving. It is based on 2015's new product and things you would like or skip for savings to your account! Each choices vary based on your taste.


1. Buy Nokia 215 (RM102.60 valued phone) 

2. Spent RM50 for mobile phone reloads to communicate with anyone!

3. Bank in RM300 to your CIMB , Public , Maybank etc and use RM50 for personal monthly use

4. Buy 20 packs of Fried Instant Noodle 

5. Do hair and facial treatment using around RM95

6. Buy Grand Theft Auto V (PC Edition) as long you own a gaming rig worth RM1999 for playability

7. Invest in medicines or pills around RM100 to prevent sickness (coughs , flus , stomaches , fever , minor symptoms to relieve a better life)

8. Buy Mi Band worth RM59 (Good for balancing healthy lifestyle, tracks your daily health statistics)

9. Buy Battlefield : Hardline (PC Edition) for awesome PC gaming excitement

10. Purchase Chinese New Year clothings through Lelong ,

11. Donate RM50 to churches and temples separately as good faith

12. Spend a certain amount to treat your family or loved ones to western foods or Japanese cuisine!

13. Create a DIY shirt or dress costing around RM70

14. Spend RM150 for hair colorings or nail treatment (females only)

15. Keep RM350 to your bank so you can take it out anytime to use! For ANYTHING within 3 to 4 months

So, I hope this gives you an idea how to spend the "extra money" as relief to us young adults out there! And also find a stable job to boost em' up.

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