Saturday, January 10, 2015

Dota 2 Intercollegiate Competition 2015

Gizmo Arena @ OneTJ

‪#‎DotA2‬ Intercollegiate Competition hosted by Campus Gamerz Club PTPL Kuching.

Date:17 Jan 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 9am
Venue: Level 4, Gizmo Arena @OneTJ
Registration Fee: RM50/team
Format: Single Elimination
Limit: 16 teams.

Terms & Conditions: Open for tertiary students only. Register in a team of 5 players from the same university/college/institution and must have Valid Student ID Card.

Registration link:


In my opinion, Swinburne will eventually win by 80% of all intercollegiate tournament just like the sports. People would ask. Why? Simple. The players are part of the 5000 in between that studies in the campus. Players of all kind would eventually unite and form a strong team. Which is why, KMG is the first ever team to win championship at Gizmo's first ever university tournament.

It looks nostalgic. Kolo Mee Gaming was founded by me based on fine recruits. The players have now been switching between different teams and still forming the best and formidable Swinburne roster team to win any tournaments related. I'm proud of them despite I'm not actually "tryhards" of the entire foundation and team. I hope they know why I'm slackey but still know whose good players in the scene.

The other college does not pose much of a threat because I have studied the population. Only SEGi and Sunway have one or two players that was with me or managed before that will have chance in toppling this kind of tournaments or events.

Again, all hail KMG's early time. I hope to re-invent the tag with some little money investment to the fanpage. Doing giveaways and E-Sports event as a never-ending gamer and analyst!

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