Friday, February 6, 2015

'Demon' Series

Greetings, viewer! How do you like your days when Chinese Lunar New Year is coming by? Still thinking of great gaming gadgets to be part of you? Just ONLINE PURCHASE! As convenient as your local retail PC outlet. It's designed for affordable customer range. Buy it before stocks get low. It is awesome and saves your eye from strains and fatigue.


Designed for extreme gaming, these gaming glasses block out blue light that causes eye strain, fatigue, and insomnia. Perfect for anyone using a computer for long periods of time. With resin coated lenses, these durable, waterproof gaming glasses are built to last. They are also lightweight so they won't bother you while wearing them or leave imprint marks. So comfortable, you won't want to use the computer without them. Compare our glasses to our competitor Gunnar Optiks. Our customers tell us that our gaming glasses are like Gunnar, except not ridiculously overpriced.


    Frame height: 1.625” (~40mm)
    Hinge to Hinge: 5.5” (140mm)
    Lens Width: 2.9” (~75mm)
    Bridge Width: 0.875” (~22mm)
    Temple: 4.75” (~120mm)

Hope you like this review. It will surely make you be full confident of having one if you don't own any other gaming glasses brand such as GUNNAR Optiks or such.

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