Saturday, February 7, 2015

GosuGamer 2015 Card Design Contest

Cool stuff inbound, fellow Hearthstone fans! Starting this month, GosuGamers is giving you the opportunity to be creative and compete for awesome Hearthstone prizes. What we want from you? Easy: Design a Hearthstone card.

The "GosuGamers card design contest" will run every month, from February to December, and will be open and free for everyone who wants to take part in it. The rules are simple: design a Hearthstone card and send it to us. If we like it, we'll put it for community voting and the three winners will go home with prizes.

In addition to that, every month will feature a different theme which contestants must follow when they design and submit their creations. To give a "wilder" start to the competition, the February episode will have an open theme, meaning you can do anything - minions, secrets, spells, Mage weapons... We have just three restrictions:

1) Don't do new classes or hero powers.
2) Don't invent new keywords. If you want to create a new mechanic, word it out.
3) While we enjoy seeing strong cards, don't invent the 0 mana cards that win the game when played. Those will not get many votes from the crew! Try to find a good balance between what you think is a balanced, playable card with a cool concept.

Here's a breakdown of how each month of card design will go:

  •     First day: New theme is announced and submission inboxes open
  •     1st-15th: Submissions inbound! Send us your stuff so we can judge it.
  •     16-19th: GosuCrew reveals their top 20 cards. These go up for community voting.
  •     19-28th: Community voting!
  •     Final day: Winners are announced. They can now brag to their friends how amazing they are and throw a Hearthstone pillow in their face.

Guess what?! I found this opportunity and took almost 30 minutes of scrambling through Warcraft's artwork and manipulated a new card. It's logical , it's sexy and hot! What could it be? It's none other than a Night Elf race we all have seen but not the name!

So, whose the author? It's none other than me. I have submitted this artwork filled with confidence whether it's selected or not but in hopes of winning, it's a cool card in my whole opinion. Let's see how well Moira Darkheart sparks the community.

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Marco K said...

No one would use it since the card is only viable against warriors in certain situations.....