Sunday, February 15, 2015

Rank 9 Hearthstone Player

After much struggles between Rank 10 above back and forth, I have finally within 4 months time accomplished my standard of reaching even lower! Which proofs that I am capable of thwarting a lot of tough opponents.

It was 16th February 2015 where I emerged victorious against a tough Control Priest. The game was pretty stale until I went Doomhammer with my faithful Shaman deck. Of course, my Mech Mage and Aggro Hunter deck will still be around to pull some firepower.

I am glad to have reached so far and this is one of my happiest day because it shows I can cope with a lot of pro players from now on until Legend ranks! In fact, I went on tournaments such as GosuCup to face former Legends and had 1 : 2 scores before losing but overall, I was just warming up and I had by right did a lot better than I was started this game.

Such feeling of progress. I am not sure about you but I believed in never giving up per battle faced!

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