Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Part of my time blogging was quite remarkable. Say that if you like arts? Don't you want to draw it?! Everyone knows how to paint regardless how new and old timer they are! So in other words, this is where i should give you something besides my game interviews and sources! I naturally had my DeviantArt created since 2006. It wasn't really my time to create funny arts or just paint whatever mangas/arts or draw one on my own. It came finally... I drew and painted some of my works and even play photo editing just for fun. I'm still learning and loves to see other unique DeviantArt's user too. Hope i can give something special and pleasant for you to watch!

Ahem! I guess i typed quite a lot. So here's few of my artworks.

There's more than meets the opening part. You can view mine even more at

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