Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pizza Junctions

Personally, as far as i'm concerned,our lovely Pizza Junction at Sarawak,Kuching has been doing quite below average recently. Their pizzas can par with Pizza Hut's quality and furthermore their menus are sort of attractive and the price are assumingly cheaper than the Pizza Hut's. What is special about "Pizza Junction" is that it is local brand of Malaysia,Sarawak. I just hope that most people out there no matter your a tourist or a local Malaysian in Kuching, i introduced you to this good pizza restaurant to eat. They are considered "Under Rated" and though providing good foods to eat. I hope a few photos of this wonderful restaurant that is yet to be saved by customers out there will consider eating there with friends. The location is at Jalan Song and it has quite spacey parking lots to park at. Since the location throughout there has plenty of neighbouring houses, so what are you waiting for?

Support Pizza Junction,Yea!? ^_^ v

Pizza Galore !!!

Plus, they are now offering this coupons at 2007 June @@" !


JaZZoN said...

Nice pictures of pizzas. haha. Many varieties.

LalaTing ;p said...

which 1 do u prefer??? pizza hut o pizza junctions?