Sunday, June 17, 2007

RO Dragon Boat Festival Event

  1. The event patch content including the old event setting and new event setting.
  2. The old event setting including MVP Bacsojin, Dumpling monster, NPC Fahae, Meat Dumpling, Realgar Wine, Exorcize Herb, Dragon Boat Festival Egg.
  3. The newly added event setting including 2 new missions

Mission 1:

  1. Collect requested items (Squid, Egg Yolk, Sweet Rice, Lotus Leaf, String, Meat and Mushroom) and talk to the Dumpling Man in Geffen 58 165.
  2. Each set of items you have collected; he will make a handmade dumpling for you.
  3. Collect 20 sets to make 20 handmade dumpling and he will ask you to send the dumpling to his mother, Madam Wang in prt_in 237 102 (at the west of Prontera).
  4. When she received the handmade dumpling, she will give you a pet in return.
  5. This is a unique pet that looks like an Eclipse but white in color and can only be obtained through this mission.
  6. The pet feed is Bok Choy and can only be bought through iMall.
  7. This pet will not be removed after event.

Mission 2:

  1. Talk to NPC Fahae in Geffen 189 158 to activate the second mission.
  2. Upon completion of the mission, player will be able to get Chung E monster egg.
  3. There will be 5 parts as follow:
    Handmade dumpling (can be made by providing all necessary ingredients to the NPC Dumpling Man) x20

    1 Slot Circlet x1, Long Hair x5, Silk Ribbon x1


    Coral Reef x10, Scarlet Jewel x10, Sparkling Dust x10

    Yarn x20
    Amulet x3
  4. Chung E’s pet feed is Chung E Cake which can be bought from iMall.
  5. Chung E will remain after the event ends.