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Granado Espada

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Granado Espada Background Story

No knowledge of this background is required for players to play the game, but it adds some color to the overall experience. Much of this information is learned in the game by talking to various NPCs.

The story begins in the old world of Orpesia, with the country of Oporuto. Oporuto was starving, and in need of an economic uplift. Their trade with resource-rich Katai had been cut off by the armies of Targa, Illier, and Vespanola to the East, and to the West they were blocked by the dreadful Dark Sea.
An Oporutan explorer named Ferrucio Espada ventured across the Dark Sea in search of an ocean route to Katai, and instead he discovered a new world.
The world was named Granado Espada after its discoverer.
Oporuto threw all their economic resources into the development of the new world, and spent their country into bankruptcy. Nearby Vespanola relieved the country's debts, and in the process annexed all of Oporuto's holdings in Orpesia and Granado Espada.
Following the annexation, Vespanola was attacked by their mortal enemy to the northwest, Brestia.
The Brestian surprise attack resulted in a brutal conflict known as "The Three-Year War." The war's outcome was essentially decided at the Baleares Naval Battle, in which a weak Vespanolan "Red" Navy miraculously defeated the mighty Brestian fleet.
The war forced Vespanola to ignore its interests in Granado Espada, and also created a new class of social elite, the Wartime Nobility. Due to social strife stemming from the Wartime Nobility's inability to adapt to peacetime, as well as growing control problems in Granado Espada, the Queen issued the "Reconquista Policy" urging adventurous Vespanolan families to migrate to the new world and retake the land for Queen and Country.
The game begins with your family, the new family, looking to find power, fortune and glory under Reconquista.

Kingdoms of the Old World

Vespanola: The current high power in Orpesia. Vespanola controls the seas and the new continent. Effectively imposes a total blockade of Brestia. The upper class social structure is severely divided between wartime Nobles and the more traditional upper class.

Illier: A home to great artists, and also once a great military power. The country is a source of trends and famous for their fashion, food, and swords. It houses the most famous sword smith of all time. Illier has been a major military player in nearly every Orpesian conflict due to its central position on the continent.

Targa: A warlike people, the Targans are renowned for their skill in making firearms. Geographically, Targa blocks the rest of Orpesia's access to resource-rich Katai. Traditionally Targans do not like Orpesians. They see Orpesians as weak.

Oporuto: This country is no longer an independent state. Its territories and holdings were annexed by Vespanola during the "Marriage of the Two Countries." Oporuto is the homeland of Granado Espada's discoverer, Ferrucio Espada. The country overspent developing the new continent, and the following bankruptcy led to the Vespanolan acquisition. A traditionally poor country before the marriage, Oporutans are typically not used to having a great economy among the masses, but, like most Orpesian countries, maintain a rich upper class.

Brestia: The traditional #2 power in Orpesia. Brestia launched a surprise attack against Vespanola after the Marriage of the Two Countries. The attack resulted in the Three-Year War, and Brestia's ultimate defeat at the Baleares Naval Battle. Following the war Brestians faced a culling of high government and military officials from the Vespanolan government. Brestia was effectively cut off by the Vespanolan Navy, and its citizens currently live in a state of oppression and near starvation. Brestians have no love for Vespanola, and find themselves horribly oppressed in Vespanolan controlled zones.

Katai: A resource-rich country east of Orpesia.

Absinia: A country south of Orpesia, known for its magical warriors. Absinians tend to be extremely proud of their country and their magical military heritage. They are warlike, confident and proud.

Note from blog owner: MCC is a special system only implemented at Granado Espada.Take note.

Experience the bond of Trinity: made possible by the revolutionary MCC.

Multi-Character Control (MCC) allows you to control up to three characters simultaneously, similar to offline, console-based RPG’s. A powerful AI engine ensures the characters work together when fighting in real time.

Multi-Character Control (MCC) allows you to control up to three characters simultaneously

Advantages of MCC

Healing anyone?

Character selection:
Your three-character team will be selected from a larger pool of characters that make up a pioneering “family.” Will you take a classic approach with a Fighter, Elementalist and a Scout? Or will you come out with 3 gun-blazing musketeers? The choice is yours.


It’s feasible to play alone because your characters will support each other. Including a Scout is typically all that’s needed for a solo team to stay alive in areas around or below the team’s average base level.


Forming Squads / Squad Questing:
Forming squads with other players is a great way to enhance your experience, make friends and conquer difficult challenges.

• To form a squad, click “menu / squad / Create Squad.”
• To invite another player to your squad, right click the player
and select “Invite to Squad.”
• If the player accepts your invitation, blue icons will then appear over
the heads of their party, indicating you are grouped together.
• If you’re having trouble finding players to form a squad, get on the
chat and ask around.
• Each player will enter the squad with 3 characters.


Advanced Questing with MCC:
When mastered at the highest level, MCC will allow players to simultaneously dictate the actions of every single character. See the "Combat" article in the "Game Controls" section for a complete listing of game controls.

The new world will be owned by families, not individuals. As you progress through Granado Espada, you’ll build a growing family of characters from stock models and recruitable non player characters (RNPC’s). Members of your family will share a common family name and a customizable first name.

enter a Family name for your characters
Click the “Create a Character” button to create characters for your family

After Logging in to the server, enter a Family name for your characters. Please note this Family name will be used by all the same characters you’re playing under this account. Unless you delete all your characters, you will not be able to change your family name.

When you begin the game your barracks will be empty. Click the “Create a Character” button to create characters for your family.

Create Character
Double-click the character to actctivate her

At this screen, create character from the 5 occupations available: Fighter, Wizard, Musketeer, Elementalist and Scout. Enter the character’s name and select a gender and click the [Create a Character] button to create this character.

Now the character is idle in your barracks. To activate the character, double-click her.

Click “Enter with a new team“

This character is now included in the active team. To enter the world, click “Start with a new team.”

The Swiss-Army knife to survival
Stances allow you to focus your character’s skills in ways beneficial to different situations. They can affect defense, healing, attack power, accuracy, attack style and other skills. Adventuring with multiple characters of the same class can be advantageous if the stance system is utilized to the highest potential.

Unlocked stances are brown, while unavailable stances are grey. Stance Window
Here you’ll see the current character’s stances and level in each stance. Unlocked stances are brown, while unavailable stances are grey.

Spend your skill points here. Skill Window
This shows the skills available under the currently selected stance. As your stance level increases you will gain new skills and skill points to increase the level of your skills. Use the corresponding arrow to spend skill points.

Stance level requirement Skill Description
Holding the mouse over a skill will bring up the description window. Here you can see the skill’s details at the current level.

Click on the stance button to add your skill points Stance Button
Click the stance button to access the selected character’s stance window.

The Stance Instructor
All characters in Granado Espada can customize their fighting style by learning and training in various stances. Each character comes equipped with 1-3 stances, and additional stances can be earned as quest rewards or purchased from the stance instructor in Reboldoeux.

Click on the stance button to add your skill points Buying Stance
In order to learn a new stance you’ll have to purchase a stance skill book from the instructor. After purchase, highlight a character, then double-click the skill book in your inventory to teach the character that stance.

Click on the stance button to add your skill points Office of Exploration Support
You can buy the skill books from the stance instructor next to Lyndon in the Office of Exploration Support.

Effective use of Stance
Many stances are only available when your character is equipped with specific weapons. Stances available with the current equipped weapon will be shown for quick reference under the character’s vital information in the base user interface. Changing stance will automatically switch the available skills, and changing weapons will automatically switch the available stances shown. Press Alt+S to bring up the selected character’s stance window for a more detailed view and access to skill point spending.

Stance Leveling
Stances level exclusively from your character’s base level and from other stances. EXP cards will not work towards a stance level, you can only earn stance experience by killing monsters. Each time you gain a stance level, you will also earn a skill point, which can be spent to increase the effectiveness of available stance skills. Stance skills are unlocked by earning higher stance levels.

Finally! Some screenshots on the in-game itself!

Bosses ranging from Big Treasure Boxes =_=!

3 Musketeers In GE

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