Monday, June 25, 2007

Messy Blogger

Well i guess it might be part of my special ways of setting up the blog myself.
So...please bear with me yea? thanks a lot!~ so here's some caption using Bleach About "Messiness Of My Blog" and in the caption , Owner is me :P ~

Ichigo: u got a damn messy blog, dude!
Owner: bear with it ichigo-san

Ogichi: yea... it's messy but i like your style.. smells like part of my ways =)
Ichigo: so ur supporting him!? huh! =P but he posted us here -0 shud be happies!
Owner: yea u shud be grateful :P bleks!!

Mashiro: so what you think of Bankai Roll's blog? issit any better o.O
Hachi: ugh.... as long theres some good game information! i don't mind those! :p just leech it all!
Mashiro: =3= boo!

Haha i guess that's some of mine!~ :P ~

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