Saturday, October 4, 2008

KODE5 DotA Challenge

Welcome to the KODE5 DotA Challenge! Brought to you by Global Supporters CM Storm and QPAD, the KODE5 DotA Challenge is your chance to pit your team's skills against teams from all over the world. There's a slew of great hardware prizes to be won, and best of all, registration is free!

Our first DotA Challenge is limited to 512 teams, and teams will be accepted on a first-come, first served basis.

Here are some important dates:
  • Sept. 22 - Registration begins
  • Oct. 6 - KODE5 DotA Challenge #1 begins
    - Oct. 6, 10 CET - Check-In opens
    - Oct. 7, 22 CET - Check-In closes, Grid will be generated
    - Oct. 9 - tournament starts
  • Dec. 15 - KODE5 DotA Challenge #1 ends
So don't wait! Register your team for the KODE5 DotA Challenge today!

Visit KODE5 for more details and informations!

Hundreds of teams worldwide battle it out with neutral hosting and great ambition to push DotA to it's best map of strategies ever!

And for teams that have been registered for KODE5 regardless tournaments or so can be found at KODE5 Team listings.

For participants of the upcoming KODE5, KODE5 Cup will have all the teams that have participated for the online tourney.

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