Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Starcraft Gaming Interview With M1-MarinE

Glad to have some talk sessions with M1-MarinE who has been playing Starcraft and participated various tournaments with much achievements. Below would contain what I interviewed him on. A summarized version of what he express towards Starcraft e-gaming scene and how it's gonna evolve...

M1-MarinE & RollsRoyce Interview Session

Interview @ M1-MarinE

RollsRoyce : How long have you been playing Starcraft?
M1-MarinE : Around Year 2002 and ongoing.

RollsRoyce : What do you think on the upcoming Starcraft 2?
M1-MarinE : I think it can be easier to play due to similiar RTS elements.

RollsRoyce : About your achievements in Starcraft, what's your opinion?
M1-MarinE : Didn't think much of it though.

RollsRoyce : Is there any official sources that shows MAS-1 team news and update?
M1-MarinE : http://www.mas-1.com/sc/

RollsRoyce : How do you play with MAS-1 team members?
M1-MarinE : We play at internet and met up in tournaments.

For this short interview, it's just to give you guys an insight look of our Malaysia's e-gaming on Starcraft. That's all for now!

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