Monday, October 20, 2008

Sushi King, The Spring

Sushi King again!!! n_n Looks like my forth to sixth visit to the delicious sushi galore! Besides KL one's lah... Anyway here's the foods and scenery i have taken.

The Fourth Encounter or Sixth ??? Nevermind that lah! Sushi King is grinding promotions recently and i'm sure every state in Malaysia will get it ongoing. Start grabbing all the RM2 plates!

Take a view of Sushi King...

I always like to see the logo. Very cute fish o.o

One of my favourite when eating at Sushi King!

Group of friend's dishes and my plate all jumbled altogether to be eaten! *chompy*

I have eaten Tamago sushi and lots!

Chef " Irrashaimase! " with the Counter Terrorist look! [O.o]

Quick glimpse of the foods etc shrimp sushi and so on...

Owh even if there's Sushi King promotion, you'll notice that special plates of sushi specialty will still be charged with the normal price! So take your foods wisely or it'll double up your pennies gone in a jippy!

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