Saturday, October 25, 2008

MAS-1 Online Junior Tournament

Mas-1 will be hosting a MAS-1 Junior tournament this coming October. All Malaysians are allowed to participate in this tournament. Sadly, foreigners are not allowed. This can be a good experience for new StarCraft : Brood War players and also test their skills to know where they stand in the local Brood War scene. We hope all participants will spread the word regarding this tournament.

Date/Time : 24th October 2008 @ 8pm
Server/Channel : ThaiCyberGames @ Op MAS-1 ( You can visit => HERE)
Format : 32 or 64 Double Elimination Bracket ( Best of 3 all the way, Best of 5 WB Semi Finals/Finals, Best of 7 Grand Final )
Maps : Blue Storm 1.2, Andromeda 1.0, Othello 1.1, Troy 1.0 (Download Mappack here)
Bracket :

MAS-1 Online Junior Tournament's Player List

MAS-1 Junior Tournament 2008

(Winner Bracket)

(Loser Bracket)

MAS-1 Tournament was organized by one of Malaysia's best SC team long ago. I'm amazed at how the Starcraft community has ongoing tournaments and which inspires me to join them when i'm free enough to participate. My skills towards Starcraft have however dropped to the bottom line as this game's history and game time was over 12 years at the least (Lul WTF xD) . Well it's true that i've never ventured through tourneys in order to get some good matchup and gains from top players.

So it came to my participating and well of course i also did played a few early rush with messy build orders for my Protoss. Aha.. at least it did do break the opponent's mining a bit. So far, i got like 3 wins in the loser brackets while getting beaten in between the gap to finals i guess. It took me a lot of amazement to play with the particular players in this tournament. Hopefully, i'll join again when the next MAS-1 Tournament arrives...

Best APM for the overall matches of my playing was 151. I think there's room for improvement as i have messy build orders for various matches which should be fixed next time. And maybe need to brush up new strategies and micro again. So until then, that's all to this update.

Lastly, my main purpose to play back SC also goes for the reason SC2's upcoming. That in other words give me to decide and put some efforts in SC in terms of improving strategies in the gameplay. It's pretty cool when playing classic RTS games back!

Good luck to the players reaching MAS-1 Junior Tournament 2008's Grand Finals as well!

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