Thursday, October 16, 2008

KODE5 TNT.Gaming

I'm amazed how my team actually co-operates in timed situations and eventually fought a good match for the 1st time getting along. Not just that, i'm surprised on how it went. Getting through few ward wars alike but i guess teamwork does the real part in every situations. Thanks to TNT.Gaming team for letting me experience my another venture in DotA!


(Yeah =p I'm a drafter you see with my team's ideas and opinions given. )

The first ever out of 512 teams to startup and gain first blood victory! Recorded in KODE5 history.

Due to several savegames, both teams ended up having to save a lot of files to continue the matchplay. So our victory led us to none other than the glorious battle coming soon...

As seen... TNT.Gaming might battle Fnatic or virtuoso,pro if either one of them manage to advance to the next stage with my current online team. I've seen many familiar teams which i had played with in the bracket/grid and wish them the best in their games as well. Experience more i guess is what i think is needed. And of course packing awesome skills to amaze the opposing team is what makes the team fight more interesting.

Faced Team Fnatic 2nd round and lost but worthy matchup for early games.

Stay tune! I guess after facing my next opponent winning or losing, it'll give me the best of the world's DotA powerhouse team experience to pit me against their awesome-ness. My luck just to face them is just as good as playing to the fullest if necessary. So by then, peace you all!


TNT-[M]3m0ry said...

hope next game u guy still pick the obsidian destroyer and opponent without any int hero xD
jia u

TNT-bubu said...

GOGOGO!!! TNT.Gaming.Try your best

TNT-bubu said...

GOGOGO!!!TNT.Gaming.Try ur BEST