Thursday, January 29, 2009


During CNY 2009, I also managed to play some fun maps customed by Counter Strike 1.6! Hey eversince few weeks ago, I've ever tried this map which will be shown below. It's really funny!

Here's the rules on on the Terrorist & Counter-Terrorist section :

Terrorist : Your mission is to press the button of traps to eliminate the CTs from proceeding to the end of the map where they are able to grab weapons to attack you! If they managed to get the guns, remember to surround him with some knife watchaa!! style to win the round!

Counter-Terrorist : CTs are meant to overcome the obstacles released by Terrorist who holds the power of setting traps to not let them proceed and in the end destroy the Terrorist groups! So it's up to CT players timing and quick wits to avoid getting trapped as there's many funny drops if you failed to do so!

This is how CT's time their situation and walk over!

Terrorist setting traps from above and you have get over from a small pool of chemical!

There's a FRAG! Well... Eventually this moment shows how CTs get their guns and dropped to the Terrorist area to elimination. But if you manage to surround the CT's with good knife skills, then you'll win the match!

Terrorist's trap activating section.

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dreamjke said...

how to open RED DOOR?)