Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lunar DotA Tournament Bracket

Was a very heated game lately, my team CoZee|Reborn had to battle at Loser Bracket due to first round against the solid GGMix. It was all right by gaining 2 wins and 2 loses in this competition as it brings a lot of experiences for the next venture of me and the team. I acted as the advisor and spectator due to my recovery of appendix so i didn't play most of the game but had observed one game which will had my name being spoken that is.... The match between GR VS IgS was quite intense for the fresh and potential! Our 4th round was to fight P2P Gaming which is a senior team made few years ago and their push tactic was great indeed. Guess it's time to revise newly tactics and challenge all the top senior teams next time! was nearly reaching Semifinals and for the Grand Finals between the remaining two i suppose would finish pretty soon with the Loser's & Winner's bracket winner battle it out! Stay tune for more!

And good job to Trinora for reaching as far as my team progress as well! DeaD a.k.a Trinora's team member with Empire Gaming mixed did put some good fight at their very bracket as well. And for then, good luck to the Grand Finals and replays should be out soon by the local Gizmo organisers.

Matches Played :-
CoZee|Reborn LOSE Gizmo Gamers M|x

CoZee|Reborn WIN A.K.A

CoZee|Reborn WIN ImbaGods Gaming

CoZee|Reborn LOSE P2P Gaming

Winners of Gizmo Lunar New Year DotA

1. Gizmo Gamers M|x
2. Cz.Gs
3. F'Day

Congratulations to Cozee's home team Cz.Gs getting 2nd place! Hope to learn more from them and of course the top teams!

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Draxiz Krucifixuz said...

greets~ from "senior team" which made us look old :(
haha jk

nice playing with you guys. there's stil another tourney to go~