Wednesday, January 7, 2009


In this year around, i'm gonna aim for a PSP & Nintendo DS and definitely will capture both for the sake of backup-ing my PC's slowdown in case of internet lagness and of course a day or so that may happen and of course CPU itself!

So let's skip the small talk! Ninjatown, a game of Nintendo DS which i found seems very nice cause it's cute ninjas!

DS Reviews by
The story revolves around the attempted invasion of Ninjatown by the nefarious Mr. Demon and his gang of Wee Devils. As the powerful Ol' Master Ninja, you are in charge of defending Ninjatown's most precious secret, the recipe for your world-famous ninja cookies. The story, as one would expect, is there merely to set up the actual game and serves to relay key objectives such as protecting a bridge, factory, or other key locations. The dialogue is hammy and unintentionally funny, but can easily be skipped or watched without having an impact on your overall experience.

Ninjatown is a straightforward endeavor. Your objective in every map is to protect a location from being invaded or destroyed by Wee Devils. To do so, you have to construct buildings that house various types of ninja with different attributes that help you fight off the waves of enemies. There are both melee and long-range ninja including black ninja, which are well balanced in speed and strength; business ninja, which are fast but not particularly strong; sniper ninja, which are balanced long-range units; and white ninja, which can shoot snowballs at enemies and momentarily freeze them.

That's all there is for today! Enjoy the cuteness of Ninjatown!

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