Sunday, January 11, 2009


Lately, in KPJ hospital of Sarawak I was being treated for Appendix by the very same day around Friday - Saturday period. It happened out of nowhere and perhaps it's time to face it. I had so far experienced 2 surgery operations which is "circumsize" & "appendix". The process of removing the appendix surgery can be done for humans by specialist and also for those that got strucked to have it. It's advisable for having the treatment as it will make you extra free of healthy situation. As known, appendix area is not an actual importance in the human body but as it started to appear(bacterias etc unknowingly)... Treat it A.S.A.P! Now i realise how great is the doctor's priority to make their patients healthy. After experiencing this for around 2 days, i'm discharged and still waking quite slowly but as usual patients will recuperate in few days! On second thought, the total cost of this treatment goes up to RM4k and in between but i think it's worth it. Or another way is to go for the government hospital for cheaper cost. Private hospital as known is always fast! And the nurses there told me that a few Swinburne students have been treated for appendix as well at the very same KPJ hospital! Boys & girls included! Bravo guys!

That's a detonate bomb device! No, naturally it was just a "beep" sound system that allows nurses to go to the patient's room to bring services such as foods or pillows etc...

Memories of my recent treatment room!

Serve yourself with some drinks!

TV's for as usual hospital's patient.


Josh.p.Leo.C.k said...

wow! while we were having our finals for summer semesters you were suffering too.. X.x kelian..

I haven had mine removed too.. scary la.. XD

are you feeling better now?

RollsRoyce said...

can walk a bit. its one of the early stage of appendix. can walk + can cramp a while and feel pain. can go out oso. juz walk slower.