Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year Of The Ox!

Indeed it has come to the year of 2009! Found this quite cute looking poster through Google and would appreciate this as a thanksgiving as well!

My CNY 2009's Wish :

1st, Get stronger and get cured from cold and anything!

2nd, Aiming for PSP and also Nintendo DS for this year to backup my gaming consoles!

3rd, Buy a new mini TV for watching usual news, dramas, for console gaming as my current is traded or sort...

4th, Focus a bit more on studies and gain usual leisure times to jog and etc.

5th, Change more for the sake of my friends and including everyone!

6th, Compete in any possible game tournaments with a proper team and lead.

7th, Get more freebies from MMORPG online!!!

I guess that's all about it as this wish will be hoped once it reached 12 AM sharp!


Draxiz Krucifixuz said...

Hoho, may ur wish fulfilled!

Draxiz Krucifixuz said...

Hoho, may ur wish gets fulfill!

Josh.p.Leo.C.k said...

LoL may your wishes come true!!
:) dats alot of new year wishes haha Gambateh!