Sunday, August 24, 2008

Devil May Cry 4 PC Version

Recently finished DMC4 PC Version under several hours. It's a definite DMC series you got to play! I'm showing the final boss of this game screenshots though. It was quite a worthwhile battles at Mission 20. Your very last stage [o.O] !!!

My tactic was initiating several combos and use Buster with good timing in order to smash Sanctus the final boss to smokes! Always remember to pack up some holy waters for this final battle as he'll initiate his shields as fast and you don't want to get major damage from Sanctus's Sword of Sparda! After you beat Sanctus, it's up to you to time your Buster weapon well to fight Sanctus & Saviour as a real gigantic boss. Just three hits and you'll have finish the game!

[DoP]RollsRoyce's DMC4 Final Boss Battle

As soon as the cutscenes are over, you'll fight Sanctus right away! Prepare to break his shields and two little defensive carriers on his way. Focus on breaking his shield and use Buster when his on ground!

If you have timed your Buster well, that's where Sanctus gets pawned real bad!

Final blow to Sanctus and have fun crushing him! Not yet!!! You have yet to fight the last 2nd battle!

Saviour!!! Merged with Sanctus in order to commence the last final fight. All you got to do is time your Buster well when it's left hand comes down. Both hands are easily avoided with accurate timing. Once you smashed two of his hands away, Saviour's head will just drop in front of Nero for you to initiate the last crushing blow!

That's all there is to Devil May Cry 4 PC Version ! I'm sure you'll love to fight epic battles in DMC4! There are still some replays in this game where there's this survival mode to play with. Besides let's wait for Devil May Cry 5 in upcoming 2009 !

DMC4 PC Version gets a rating of 9.8/10 from my review. It's totally awesomely inspiring!

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