Tuesday, August 12, 2008

MOYU Online Review

MOYU Online is basically a chinese version based on it's original title Eudemons Online. The game itself has been released through online gameplay since May 2006 where the 3D fantasy MMORPG meets it's online population flowing around the world. The game can be referred to as a Diablo II lookalike role-playing game where you explore the world with three different type of jobs! So as we speak, I'll explain what MOYU Online will give to surprise online gamers!

You get to register an account and download it's game client around 637 MB filesize. Once your logged into the game server, you can choose 3 different jobs that includes the male and female customization! The 3 different jobs that are in-game provided are Warrior , Mage & Paladin .

The special thing about this online game would be the MOYU's System which is also called as Eudemons System for exact. Players in-game will get to have 2 types of Eudemons as pets! They are trained alongside your own game character to speed up the leveling process. Remember though that players can obtain new pets by getting involved in battles and the option to buy at the MOYU's shopping mall NPC.

As usual MMORPGs, PK System is also implemented for players to boast their strengths and rivalry towards other players in-game. It's a sort of system to make the game competitive and there are areas which also forbids PK to make the game a better place.

MOYU Online also have unique features such as the Family where a player reached Level 50 above is allowed to form a bond within a team so that they can protect lower level members while venturing into leveling maps!

Not to mention, there is also MOYU's clan system which is named as Legion . A player may create a legion at level 50 for a fee requirement of 500,000 gold. Hopefully this information will let you know about MOYU Online for further references.

Sports the classical Diablo II lookalike graphics which will amaze 2D MMORPG players!

As stated from game sources, you get to mount pets at this game! Special huh?

Lastly, MOYU Online is a nice game to be played along with your gaming friends and such!

DO enjoy MOYU Online's review !

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