Sunday, August 10, 2008

EHOME Champion!

The Bracket for WCG Asia Championship 2008 is released by Garena and i'm sharing this over my blog so that people who are interested in big game events and so on will have a good view around!

As to some surprises that I see, New Zealand's team MCC has made a great en-route to the Finals against China's team EHOME. Although team MCC never get the 1st place in line, they have made a great achievement throughout the latest WCG event! Malaysia's Kingsurf however gets 3rd placing after battling against Indonesia's team XcN.

That's all for the WCG Asia 2008 updates!

DotA powerhouse teams all battle it out as you can see from the bracket!

1st - EHOME (China)
2nd - MCC (New Zealand)
3rd - Kingsurf (Malaysia)

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