Monday, August 11, 2008

East Malaysia's Food Specialties

This was a meal I've taken while visiting Miri. I have never remembered the restaurant's name but the foods they serve are as good as usual classy restaurants. The common meaty beancurd and the greenish vegetables >.< ... I have not taken other foods photos as I'm on the food spree that moment!

Foochow's Laksa Mee i guess... Cost around RM3.50 if not mistaken. A common dish served during morning breakfast or lunch break! Again, it's from one of Miri's cafeteria.

Chui Siang Garden's fried chicken dish. It's located around Sarawak Catscity area where the newly opened FryDays restaurant is set up at.

Another Chui Siang Garden's specialty : Vegetables & minced egg soup .

This is where Chui Siang Garden is next to! FryDays!!! Not your common Friday treat =3!
Come here if you like fried chickens o_O I've never been there to eat yet. Hah... nevermind that!

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