Sunday, August 17, 2008

MHLR Retribution Tournament at August 2008 @ Cyberstar VS Vs2

Team Cyberstar VS Vs2's Spotlight

Garena's MHLR drafting session starts at the waiting room for the convenience. Recording the bans and hero pickups by the two teams. It was a great battle which will be shown at the following!

At the early stages of the game, VS2's hero Axe farmed blink dagger and totally takes out the heroes from Cyberstar head-on. Supported by Skeleton King by team VS2 that made the clashes as exciting ever! Cyberstar's hero QoP did great too by making the par by taking out the opposing which led into retreating!

It was then around the mid stages of the game when another clashes between the two teams was made. Axe has a few DK's in the process and led to great tower pushes!

Around 50 minutes later, team Cyberstar's hero Spectre becomes the turntable for the game! Supported by hero Warlock & QoP's great support of damage, it has led VS2's hero to a hard situation by retreating and with some casualties.

The game was then 5v4 as VS2's one individual PC has some connectivy issues which made a leave. By that time, Cyberstar's Spectre strikes with thunder by farming Divine Rapier! It was then the clashes slowly came to the favor of the winning team.

Good job to team Cyberstar as proceeding to the later stages!

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