Friday, August 8, 2008

MHLR Referee

Garena's MHLR Retribution DotA Tournament is actually a high level based game tourney that was organised since a few months ago. So far, two competitions were held successfully but there's one which was postponed due to some connection problems.

The crew of MHLR list (still recruiting potential ones)

Anyway, it's BACK!!! I have applied for a referee job and passed their "Recruitment Drive" through web messaging. Their questions are quite similiar to sentence structures and how you interpret your way to become a referee you always wanted to be and what rules are counted in DotA. I'm sure I won't give in more details for this as most will know exactly how a game referee will act in-game just like real sports!

Yup! And also, Beijing Olympic 2008 has started their opening ceremony by the time i have wrote this entry. So have a good time enjoying the Live TV shows from 8th August - 24th August 2008! That's all for now.

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